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Pharma: Actavis

IT Security Mitigation Project
IT Security Assessment
Design and Global Rollout of IT Governance Policies
Implementation of Sniffing Hardware
Staff Training

Telco: Deutsche Telekom

Project Lead for the Achievement of global SOX Compliance
Scoping Process
Design and Implementation of Controls
Staff Training
Preparing and Attending the Audit

Transport and Logistic: Aéroports de Paris

Feasibility Study for the Madinah Airport to Increase the Passenger Volume by 100 Percent for the Hadj
Traffic Simulation
Develop a Logistic Concept to Handle the Amount of People and Baggage
Develop a Tracking System to Track People and Baggage Real Time
Design of the Required Data Center the IT Architecture
Risk Analysis for Emergency Situation

Financial Services: Bank Coop Basel: Business Strategy

Developed a strategic repositioning of a Retail Bank including new operating model, brand and value proposition. I have worked closely with the bank’s leadership while outlining the new approach. Key aspects where digitization of the banking experience and delivering a holistically positive interaction between bank and their customers across key touchpoints such as account opening, transactions etc.

Financial Services: Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., Zurich: Embedding Roles & Responsibilities

As part of a additional and more detailed Lean Transformation I have worked with teams that required additional support in order to drive change. Within that exercise, I have especially looked at the roles & responsibilities currently embedded in the team and worked with them to jointly define the future way of working and what kind of skill profiles are required.

Financial Services: Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., Zurich: Global Lean initiative

Performed several roles incl. stream lead & lean navigator for review of the global Operations department (HR, IT, Communications, Corporate Functions) using 5 lenses methodology (Processes, Performance Mgmt., Mindset & Behaviour, Organisation, Skill) covering 1500+ FTE. Extensively worked with the teams on the ground to drive a successful transformation and cultural change in the organisation.

Financial Services: Swiss Re Limited, Zurich, Switzerland – Organisation Redesign

Managed the shift of admin related activities to a global Shared Service Centre incl. FTE ramp-up & ramp-down. Introduced new roles & responsibilities that are clearly connected to the processes & activities carried out by each team. Managed the roll-out of new operating model to better fulfill the „client centricity“ aspiration. Performed process optimization measures that resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency

Financial Services: Market Entry Strategy, Singapore / Mumbai

Developed the market entry strategy for an Asian bank into Singapore: Managed Operations, analyzed critical processes for offshoring and evaluated their Indian best-in-class providers. Sized the Corporate Banking market; engaged in the “Asian Banking IT Benchmark 2007” effort: Identified key drives in Asian banking and IT by measuring quantitative relationships among peers, processed the analytical model and drew potential implications on business effectiveness